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A medium of getting information varies. As for a newspaper, it is a means of getting information. As for transportation advertisement, it is a source of knowing the time table and schedule.
For mobile advertisement ,it can be easily reached by users anytime and anywhere. Moreover, non-computer users can make use of web and mail advertisement depending on the situation.
It is said that mobile advertisement is an effective method in this mobile generation.
We can acces the web through mobile recently and many people are paying attention to the latest development of mobile advertising. And products being displayed through mobile has increased a lot.

Example of mobile advertising media of sales promotion>>

traffic advertisment tecpromotion campain form etc
existing media advertisementpromoter's web site

The exisiting media of advertisement like TV, magazines etc.are assumed to have a gerat role with the mobile advertising industry. The exisiting media of advertisement introduce users to different tools of getting information like application form, brochure application form, etc. It can collect data of information so you can develop an efficient maintenance of business with mobility.