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How to place an ad

Style of Advertising>>

[Display Ad]

Display Ad

Display Advertising is the standard media of magazine advertising. Unlike the editorial ad space has a sense of individuality,that is attractive among women.

[Editing tie-up Ad]

The magazine editorial department produce the ad. Well designed upon your needs that can enhanced readers attention.
Standard tie -up ad is placed on the first page.

[Column Ad]

A column ad for promotion edited by our editorial department but perfectly designed and suited to the clients needs.
The proof of performance can be the same as editing tie-up Ad. And the cost is relatively lower than editing tie-up Ads.

[Joint Advertising / Column Ad joint Advertising]

We provide for the ad space which is not under the regulated restriction of the publisher. A combination of column ad,format planning,etc that is the column ad joint advertisement.

Joint Advertising / Column Ad joint Advertising