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Magazine Advertising spaces

Ad space Regular>>

Ad space rates

We are providing affordable magazines Ad spaces within the reach of your budget. Spaces vary by size and prices. The bigger the space the higher the rate. The smaller the space the lower the rate.
By measuring the area of small ad spaces, they are relatively expensive than larger ad spaces.

And also , the prices will vary with the number of colors. You can choose from one color printing and two-color printing.
The rates depends upon the number of color to be used.

Effective Ad strategy

There is no guarantee that the readers are taking a glance at magazine ads. Depending on the contents, there are times that the readers are skipping some pages to read.
So in order to get a catchy ad, larger ad space is advisable.

it is said that magazine is a medium source of branding and promotion. Some tend to advertise in a more larger space for more catchy promotion than their competitor.

Special space>>

Back cover-magazine advertising Spread--magazine advertising -magazine advertising
inside cover-magazine advertising inside back cover-magazine advertising

Special space is most popular.

Special ad space is the most eye catching space in magazine ad. Therefore, major companies are using them depending on the field of specialty of magazines for developing and promoting their company.
Generally speaking, cover 3 is the cheapest among the ad spaces above.

Other ad spaces>>

[Post card ad]

Post card ad is attached in the magazine for feedbacks , questionnaires and for the readers to get a brochure of the ad. Mainly , clients such asschool, Insurance company, distant learning school ,etc are using this ad method. The magazine can be easily opened from the page attached with postcard , in this way it can enhanced the communication between readers and the company.

[Booklet attached magazine]

A booklet for advertising that is attach in magazine.


Advertisement with samples like cosmetics and bath items attached in magazines.

[Internet Advertising]

Advertising the internet ads in a magazine , this method is cost efficient.

[Clients exclusive book]

A book published and designed for clients needs.