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In our opinion, the most widely read magazine is weekly magazine. On the other hand, it is not always that the clients are using them.

[Weekly magazine]

Published weekly. Trying to get a reader a broad and not limited to one topic compare to monthly and quarterly magazines .
And they are oftenly disposed after reading.

[Monthly magazineEBiweekly magazine]

Magazines with a focus on specific interests, such as" Fashion", and Cosmetics.

[Quarterly Magazine]

The rate of readers is lower than monthly magazine. Each issue features a more specific contents compare to monthly magazines.
It can get readers attention because they are put in the market for a longer time.
Readers can easily access to their target of topics because this magazine is covering topics of special interests.

[Extra issue EMOOK Quarterly magazine]

An issue of a complete article magazine.The full contents of the magazine features popular shops and trendy information It is morespecific compare to a monthly magazine. It can get readers attention because they are put in the market for a longer time.