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Event / ExhibitionuHealing Fairv(Tokyo Osaka)

Event / Exbition planning & Management>>

Apart from magazine, internet advertisement and sales promotion tools planning, our company is also engaged in event planning ,exhibition and business administration consulting. Some of the list of them are event monitoring, seminars, etc.
in promoting the new product arrival for general understanding.
Although internet is a source of media information it is good to have a feedback of the product in various method of promotion. It can help in more fruitful result.

Organize the event of Healing Fair>>

The event is held last Dcember (healing Fair). The part 1 and the part 2 of the event's total partiicipants surplused to 50,000. Healing boom was surely proven by the result of this event.
There are healing, relaxation services and so on, but there are aslo fuzzy and vague services. Therefore making use of the trial and experience the services in actual is in high demand, so by means of holding an event or exhibition people could make a trial of the product.

Trade exhibition for healing market-image1 Trade exhibition for healing market-image2

The next "Healing Fair" will be held in Tokyo Big Site east Hall on July 29 and 30.